and all the fun that comes with it!


Just drag & drop. That's it! Showit is the ''go to'' website builder when it comes to easy to use websites.

You're an entrepeneur. You have a business to run. You are teaching yoga, running a restaurant, hosting events or taking pictures of the most amazing weddings. So we know building a website is not your specialty. That's why we at Sprinkles &co. choose to build our templates on Showit; an online platform. In just four steps you're launching your brand new website. Ready to rumble? Let's go!

Choose a template from our collection. Make sure it's a website that suits your business, fits your branding and makes you happy. But keep in mind that everything is adjustable.


With our Sprinkles &co. getting started guide, we promise you it's ease to install the website within your Showit account.


Now the fun part begins! Replace the colors and fonts for your own and add your text & images. Of course we will give you tips & tricks on how to become a pro.


Images in place? Text okey? Happy with the color scheme? Then hit that publish button, make a little happy dance and pop some champagne, cause your about to launch your new website. Congrats!


OF COURSE!! We made it ready to use and responsive. 

Sprinkles &co Showit Template

You want to let everyone know that you're new website is online. Right? That's why we include a couple of social media templates in the same style as your website. You can adjust them in Canva, a really simple online (and free) tool. 

Social media templates

With every Sprinkles &co. template comes a style guide. Just in case you don't have your own brandstyle and really like the used fonts and colors.

You can also use this style guide as a base and adjust it to your own branding.

Style guide

Start sending newsletters in the same style as your website. Very important because you want to create recognisability. With our newsletter templates you're good to go! Just adjust them in Canva (a really simple free online tool) and upload them in Mailchimp.  

Newsletter templates

''Link in bio'' gets a whole lot more interesting with our Instagram landing page. Designed in the style of your new website. Don't know what it is? Check ours here.

Instagram landing page

You've decided to buy a template from our collection. You're excited and want to start right away. We get it. That's why you'll receive a quick checklist and a detailed ''getting started'' guide with all the information you need to know to get your Showit website launched.

Getting started guide

It's not just the template you buy. We send you some awesome extra's as well. Why? Because we want you to rock your website and be able to tell everyone that you have a brand new website online! This is what you'll get when buying one of our templates.