Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to know code?
No! You don't need to know code to get your website up and running.

Do I need any technical knowledge?
No again! But if you do have some questions, Showit offers some great (and free) online tutorials to help you further! Click here to see them.

Are there extra costs besides the Sprinkles &co. template?
Yes, you need to create a Showit account so you can upload your Spinkles &co. template and use there platform. Prices are between $19 - $34 per month and includes a license to use the hosting (not your domain!), free live chat support and more (click here to check it out).

If there is an element in the template I don't need, can I remove it?
Yes, you can easily remove or add elements to your website.

How long does it take to adjust the template?
That's all up to you. When purchasing your template, you can start right away! If you have all the content ready (text, images, logo, etc.), you can launch within a day.

Can I customize the template?
Ohhhhhh yes! Everything is customizable, it's all drag and drop!

Are the templates responsive?
Yes! We've made all of our templates already responsive.

Do I need Photoshop?
Nope! You can create most items in Showit. For some elements or bonuses we used Canva. This is a free online tool wich is super easy to use. 

What do I get when buying the template? 
You're not just getting the website, you're getting a lot of extra bonuses. Click here for all the information!


What is Showit?
Showit is a web-based application that gives you creative control over your website.

What is so special about Showit?
Showit is a non-code website builder. In terms of design, everything is possible. This is unique compared to WordPress! And on top of that; it's very easy to use (just drag and drop...)

Can I use the templates without Showit?
No, you can only use our templates with a Showit account. Prices are between $19 - $34 per month and includes a license to use the hosting (not your domain!), free live chat support and more (click here to check it out).


… a shop?
Yes, you can sell products on your site with Shopify.

... a blog?
You can integrate a blog with WordPress. Click here to learn more about integrating a WordPress blog into your website.

... a portfolio?
In some of our templates, a portfolio is already integrated. And if not, you can create a portfolio by adding a gallery widget for example.

... videos?
You can add a YouTube, Vimeo or your own video. There are multiple tutorials, you find them here. 

... my own logo?
Absolutely!! In our getting started guide we will tell & show you how to add your own logo to the website. 

... my Mailchimp account to collect e-mail addresses?
Off course! You can embed your sign up forms in your Showit website. There is a great tutorial on the Showit website wich tells you step by step how to connect. You find it here!

... my own fonts and colors? 
Yes, in the design settings of your website you can add your own fonts and colors. In our getting started guide we will show you how it works. 


Can you help me when I need extra elements for my website?
We love to help you with extra elements! Soon we will add extra canvasses to our webshop. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Can you make a customized website for me?
We would be honoured to help you with a customized website. Check this page to see how we can help.